Well Woman Healthcheck Program
"Women Caring for Women"

Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc. is proud to be a part of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening program, known in Arizona as the Well Woman Healthcheck Program. The National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, operates in all 50 states and is supported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The program is administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services Well Woman Healthcheck Program (WWHP) in Arizona and has been providing women with mammograms, clinical breast exams and Pap Testing since October 1995.

All women should receive regular cancer screening. The Well Woman HealthCheck Program wants to help. If you meet the guidelines below, please call us. We can provide free screening services. Free treatment is also available for women that qualify*.

To qualify for the Well Woman HealthCheck Program, you must:

  • be a woman,
  • for breast cancer screening (mammogram, etc.), be at least 40 years old (any age if you have symptoms, such as pain, a lump, nipple discharge, an inverted nipple, etc.),

  • for cervical cancer screening (Pap tests, etc.), be at least 18 years old,

  • have no insurance, have insurance that does not cover these preventive services, or have insurance that has a high deductible**,

  • and not exceed the income guidelines described below.
Number in household Monthly Income 100% FPL Annual Income 100% FPL*** Monthly Income @ 250% Annual Income @ 250%
1 $930.83 $11,170.00 $2,327.08 $27,925.00
2 $1,260.83 $15,130.00 $3,152.08 $37,825.00
3 $1,590.83 $19,090.00 $3,977.08 $47,725.00
4 $1,920.83 $23,050.00 $4,802.08 $57,625.00
5 $2,250.83 $27,010.00 $5,627.08 $67,525.00
6 $2,580.83 $30,970.00 $6,452.08 $77,425.00
7 $2,910.83 $34,930.00 $7,277.08 $87,325.00
8 $3,240.83 $38,890.00 $8,102.08 $97,225.00

Uninsured and underinsured women, who are under 250% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) throughout Arizona, may qualify for the Well Woman HealthCheck Program. Please use the following income guidelines to determine income eligibility for breast and cervical cancer screening services.

100% FPL is given just for your information. Please be aware that woman under 100% FPL may qualify for AHCCCS. Under AHCCCS program, they will receive a more comprehensive care package.

*Women screened by the Well Woman HealthCheck Program that are under age 65, who are legal residents of the US and do not have credible coverage may qualify for treatment through AHCCCS.

**High deductible as determined by the Well Woman HealthCheck Program.

***For family units of more than 8 members, add $3,740 for each additional person.

To see if you qualify to receive free cancer screening through the Well Woman HealthCheck Program, please contact: Well Woman Health Check Program Coordiantor, Noemi DeCastro, (520)364-1429.